Improve Safety and Efficiency by Managing Signs Throughout the Lifecycle

Sign Manager is a GIS/LRS-integrated enterprise software that helps you get optimal value from sign assets—saving money and time while also saving lives.

With Sign Manager, You Can:

  • Streamline Workflows

    Integrate the planning, inventory, inspection, analysis, and maintenance of the full asset lifecycle in a single workflow.

  • Visualize Data

    Search and display location, condition, and maintenance activities for any asset in a map for better visibility.

  • Increase Efficiency

    Track maintenance activities and history— and even track field work from your office for greater efficiency.

  • Make Better Decisions

    Use advanced analytics to allocate resources efficiently, eliminate redundancies, and reduce costs.

AgileAssets Sign Manager™ Screenshot

Features & Benefits

  • Inventory and Data Collection

    Achieve systematic collection of sign inventory and data.

  • Condition and History Analysis

    Make better business decisions with superior condition and history analysis.

  • GIS/LRS Search and Visualization

    Display condition, location, and maintenance activity.

  • Workflow Customization

    Tailor team workflows to meet your agency’s business requirements.

  • Centralized Data Entry

    Enter program data efficiently and improve data integrity.

  • Asset Hierarchy

    Define hierarchies to simplify maintenance and analysis activities.

  • Define Preventive Maintenance

    Optimize your maintenance process by defining preventive maintenance by sign type.

  • Manage Work Requests

    Configure workflow for work requests and create work orders.

  • Move Plans to Work Orders

    Seamlessly turn annual plans and problem reports into actual work orders.

  • Assign Work Orders

    Easily assign crews and schedule work orders.

  • Record Labor, Equipment, and Material

    Increase accuracy and efficiency of recording and material usage.

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