Get More Out of Your Solution with Version 7.3

Take advantage of new features and enhancements that improve the usability and productivity of your AgileAssets® asset management software. Version 7.3 offers expanded mobile functionality for maintenance work management, plus augmented mapping and reporting capabilities. In addition, v7.3 lets you increase the efficiency of your structures inspection and analysis processes, so you can get more value from asset lifecycles.

With version 7.3, you can:

Simplify Data-Entry Workflows
Improve how you manage work orders, assign crews, and analyze associated costs using enhanced features and mobile-to-web application syncing.

Enhance Reporting
Compile attractive, interactive reports in multiple formats to visualize, share, and distribute data for better collaboration and decision-making.

Streamline Structures Management
Create inspection teams, assign them to specific areas, and assign inspection candidates to a team—then get insights on recommended treatments to optimize the asset lifecycles.

Improve Spatial Analysis
Collect map-based data online or offline, and view and edit asset locations easily for spatial analysis.

Features & Benefits

  • Work Manager

    • Work Orders – Create and edit work orders on a mobile device—online or offline—for more accurate data capture with point-in-time documentation of field work. Eliminate end-of-day data entry by syncing field data with the connected web application.
    • Asset Locations – Tag point locations and linear locations to assets to get more accurate location details of work performed in the field.
    • Equipment Operator Field – Capture labor assigned to the operation of specific equipment during routine or emergency maintenance activity—and improve compliance with federal funding agency requirements.
    • Active Directory Authentication – Integrate Work Manager with your organization’s Active Directory system for compliance with IT protocols.
    • In-App Feedback – Use a direct channel to provide suggestions, feedback, or wish-list items to help AgileAssets improve the user experience and product value.
    • Day Card Editing – Make on-the-fly edits to newly created mobile work orders and reduce “re-do” work later.
    • Current Location Zoom – Zoom in to the current location through GPS services to capture accurate location information for field work activity.
    • Configurable Day Cards – Enjoy the flexibility to surface or hide specific day cards on the mobile app, so you can choose what information is available for in-field operations.
  • Maintenance Manager

    • Work Order History – Conduct user-friendly searches on work orders and benefit from an updated user interface, intuitive filtering, and improved performance.
    • Multi-Activity Job Reporting – Enhance cost reporting by associating a job object with any number of work orders for analyzing costs of planned or unplanned maintenance activities.
    • Work Order Creation Wizard – Enjoy a more intuitive interface with a cleaner, more robust mechanism for creating work orders.
  • Structures Analyst

    • Element Analysis – Generate projects based on probabilistic deterioration models with treatments and application time frames that maximize the useful life of elements.
  • Structures Inspector

    • Inspection Teams – Create and edit inspection teams and assign them to specific units, regions, or areas to improve staff allocations.
    • Inspection Scheduling – Assign inspection candidates to a team so that any member can access the data and perform inspections.
  • GIS Platform

    • GIS Explorer Catalog Security – Define the content and access level that is available for a group of users, improving catalog security.
    • ESRI Collector Mobile App – Collect inventory or asset inspections with simple forms and sync the data with the AgileAssets system database, where existing business rules are applied to ensure data integrity.
    • Image Service Support – Create a layer from an Esri image service, and view it along with assets on a map to improve spatial analysis.
    • Spatial Editing – View an asset inventory map alongside an asset list in a data window, and edit asset locations in the same window for efficiency and ease of use.
  • Reports Platform

    • Reports Deployment – Deploy Jasper reports to a server different from the application server to avoid any performance drag on the application.
    • Interactive Reports – Create rich, interactive reports with new chart types, and export reports to new formats, including Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint®, Excel®, and image formats.

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