Improve Your Field Work, Inventory, and Inspections with Enhanced Mobile Apps

Greater flexibility, data accuracy, and efficiency are just some of the benefits of the AgileAssets transportation asset lifecycle management solution Version 7.4.  Maintenance and inspection teams can save time while working online or offline using enhanced mobile applications that provide map-based guidance and asset-specific focus.

With version 7.4, you can:

Simplify Maintenance Operations

Boost field crew productivity and flexibility using the AgileAssets® Work Manager™ mobile application to support asset collection, simple inspections, and routine work tasks.

Improve Bridge Inspections

Reduce inspection times and repeat trips to the field using the AgileAssets® Structures Inspector™ mobile application to record component and element ratings while at the bridge.

Increase Data Accuracy

Use Structures Inspector’s built-in data formatting and business rules validation to ensure data integrity and reliability.

Streamline Field-to-Office Workflows

Avoid duplicate data entry by using mobile devices offline to complete inspections or work tasks in remote areas, then sync collected data when network connectivity is available.

Features & Benefits

  • Work Manager™ Mobile Application

    Companion mobile application to the AgileAssets® Maintenance Manager™ and Stormwater Manager™ web applications. Available for Apple® iOS and Android™ OS tablets and smartphones.


    • Task Management – Create and edit work orders, labor activities, equipment costs, and accomplishments while in the field to increase productivity.
    • Mapping – Improve spatial data displays with a map-centric interface to easily locate assets and work sites.
    • Day Card Editing – Create and edit day cards to manage field work more effectively.
    • Labor Tracking – Capture labor assigned to the operation of specific equipment to improve resource management.
    • Location Pins – Create, edit, flag, and start simple asset inspections from a location pin on the map.
    • Stormwater Management Support – Manage stormwater inspection and maintenance activities, including routing selection for inspections and IDDE, to streamline workflows.
    • Signs & Signals Support – Capture and communicate work for signs, signals, and ITS maintenance.
  • Maintenance Manager™

    • Improve spatial data displays using an intuitive, map-based interface with enhanced controls.
  • GIS Explorer

    • Adjust the placement of the properties panel and map legend on the screen for more flexibility in displaying spatial information.
    • Designate folders as private, public, or shared to better manage data access.
    • Use pictures for symbology to improve the display and communication of map features.
  • Structures Inspector™ Mobile Application

    Companion mobile application to the AgileAssets® Structures Inspector™ web application. Available for Apple® iOS and Android™ OS tablets.


    • Map-Based Data – Use maps and structure summary cards to quickly determine which inspection candidates to inspect.
    • Data Access – Download inventory and inspection data on a structure for offline review.
    • Viewable Reports – View a PDF of the last inspection report to ensure continuity of inspection history.
    • Offline Support – Save time by capturing data electronically while working offline in the field, then syncing on demand when network connectivity is available.
    • Data Validation – Use built-in formatting and validation to maintain data accuracy and reliability.
    • Rating Reference – Use the built-in condition rating reference to guide inspections within an industry-standard framework.
    • Photos – Attach and annotate photos to keep inspection data in one place.
  • Reporting

    • Display names instead of IDs in dropdown field values for better usability.
    • Drill down to predefined fields in a report for more detailed insights.
    • Define and display related fields so that a selection in one field appropriately filters the selectable values in the related field.
    • Export data to a wide range of file formats—including PDF, XLSX, CSV, DOCX, PPTX, and more—so stakeholders can access reports outside the application with ease.
  • Esri® Roads and Highways

    • Benefit from full support for version 10.6.1 of Esri Roads and Highways.

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