The AgileAssets Excellence in Infrastructure Asset Management (AXIAM) Awards recognize organizations that demonstrate an innovative or effective use of AgileAssets software to solve an asset management challenge. Nominated projects must demonstrate:

  • Quantifiable business benefits
  • Customer value and satisfaction
  • Innovation and inspiration for the industry

Examples of positive outcomes from nominated projects include:

  • More efficient pavement projects
  • Better data quality for overhead sign structures
  • Mobile field data collection for asset maintenance
  • More engaged team members
  • Smarter investment decisions
AgileAssets Xchange2019 AXIAM Award winners

AXIAM Award nominees receive recognition for project successes. Bottom row: Stuart Hudson, PE, President, AgileAssets; Josianna Ouellette, Statistician, Quebec Ministry of Transport; Sarah Rickgauer, Pavement Management Engineer, Wyoming DOT. Top row: Pascal Laumet, Vice President of International Sales and Operations, AgileAssets; James Robertson, Director of Business Development – EMEA, AgileAssets; Martin Boucher, PE, Quebec Ministry of Transport; Tom Zimmerman, Planning Director, Minnesota DOT (AXIAM Runner-up); Michele Cheeseman, Program Manager, Montana DOT. Not pictured: Nazib Faizal, Head of Data Analysis, Bina Marga (AXIAM Winner).

Industry Peers Vote for Winner

Seven transportation agencies competed for the award during AgileAssets Xchange 2019, a global user community event in Austin, Texas. Each agency presented an overview of its nominated project. Xchange attendees voted anonymously for the winner, based on established criteria. Attendees included more than 170 transportation industry leaders from public and private organizations worldwide.

Indonesia Highway Authority Bina Marga Wins Top Prize

The 2019 AXIAM Award went to the Indonesian Directorate General of Highways, known as Bina Marga. Bina Marga earned the award for taking groundbreaking steps to maximize nationwide road transportation quality, improve safety, and reduce maintenance costs using an integrated AgileAssets solution. As a result of partnering with AgileAssets, Bina Marga now takes an analytics-based approach to managing pavements, bridges and road safety and can make data-driven cross-asset tradeoff decisions to get the most value from the nation’s infrastructure investments.

Indonesia Highway Authority Bina Marga Wins Top AXIAM Award

The AgileAssets team accepts the top AXIAM award on behalf of Bina Marga. Left to right: James Robertson, Director of Business Development – EMEA, AgileAssets; Stuart Hudson, PE, President, AgileAssets; Pascal Laumet, Vice President of International Sales and Operations, AgileAssets.

AXIAM Award Recipients 2019

Recognition Agency Project Product Benefits and Value
Winner Directorate General of Highways – Bina Marga

Implemented a fully integrated solution to manage pavements, bridges, and road safety as well as justify cross-asset tradeoff decisions using advanced analytics. Pavement Analyst™

Structures Analyst™

Safety Analyst™

Portfolio Analyst™

  • Modernized the national roadway asset management strategy
  • Gained long-term visibility and financial control of projects
  • Can easily create, adjust, and publish optimized work plans
  • Expanded capabilities to report key data to senior executives
  • Aligns network performance to wider agency strategic goals
Runner-Up Minnesota Department of Transportation

Streamlined the damage restitution process beginning with better recording of repairs on state-owned assets all the way through the submission of materials to the Finance team, who processes the claim. Maintenance Manager™

Sign Manager™

Signal and ITS Manager™

  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Now have connected systems that improve communication and collaboration
  • Enhanced tracking abilities simplify workflows
Honorable Mention Quebec Ministry of Transport

Centralized information to validate data and produce quality reports for pavement management. Pavement Analyst™
  • Complete and reliable corporate memory
  • Confidence in the data
  • Optimized network- and project-level decisions
Honorable Mention Montana Department of Transportation

Established criteria to identify underutilized vehicles and fleet equipment to improve utilization and ROI. Fleet & Equipment Manager™
  • Department is more accountable
  • Can quickly view fleet usage
  • Makes more efficient use of fleet assets
  • Saves money
Honorable Mention Wyoming Department of Transportation

Developed a method to review conditions and manage miles on a network level based on current pavement sections along with new sections in 0.1-mile increments to meet FAST Act targets. Pavement Analyst™
  • Better data analysis
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness
  • Meets FAST Act targets
  • Produces projection results on 0.1- mile increments

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