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Services Overview

AgileAssets Professional Services organization is a global consultancy that is built to support the design and implementation of AgileAssets’s infrastructure asset management solutions.  AgileAssets offers a full range of professional services, based on a proven implementation methodology, to help clients maximize the value of AgileAssets software in their environment. AgileAssets has all the resources a client organization needs to successfully guide their asset management projects from strategy to completion. The professional services team is dedicated to ensuring client implementations that are delivered on time, on scope and on budget. AgileAssets can deliver the project right the first time, as well as leave behind a reusable platform that makes each subsequent project easier.

Professional service offerings include the following:

  • Implementation Services – AgileAssets Professional Services supports customers and partners in the effective implementation and application of their software products. Their consultants can configure the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) implementation so it best matches their client’s goals and strengthens the client’s ability ability to respond quickly to new opportunities and meet growing demands. AgileAssets employs the latest methodologies based on past success to help user organizations create a managed environment of infrastructure asset inventory. AgileAssets Professional Services help ensure that their client’s legacy, ERP, financial, and custom applications work well with the client’s EAM so that all people are connected to the improved workflow.
  • Business Process Consulting Services – Services include business-level consulting, in which experts take time to understand the client’s business goals and assess existing processes. From there, AgileAssets evaluates the client’s current software portfolio and provide a thorough needs analysis that incorporates software and process recommendations. Clients will also get assistance with identifying hardware, software, and network infrastructure requirements for your enterprise Asset Management system.
  • Customer Care – For customers under a Maintenance Agreement, AgileAssets will answer your questions, offer bug support, and provide enhancements and access to product upgrades. AgileAssets’ support offerings are flexible and can be customized to meet the level of support that is required. Service Level Agreements can also be customized to fit needs and budget.
  • Training – AgileAssets Professional Services engagements often incorporate training and learning opportunities. Whether it is classroom based instruction, Train-the-Trainer, or online interactive training, AgileAssets has the experience, expertise and tools to provide product and best practice instruction for any size organization. AgileAssets Learning Center offers an online self-paced training on all software modules for end-users and system administrators.

AgileAssets has provided consulting services focused on applying a systematic process for the complete life cycle management of infrastructure assets since it was founded in 1994. With over 20 years of experience assisting customers worldwide, AgileAssets offers broad and deep industry expertise and the ability to tailor the technology and solutions to their client’s specific business needs and objectives.

Clients can collaborate with AgileAssets on the following:

  • Define requirements and process for enterprise asset management
  • Design inventive enterprise asset management solutions to meet business goals
  • Use enterprise-wide asset management solutions to break down organizational silos and improve collaboration
  • Build a solid asset management foundation that meets needs now and helps prepare for the future

AgileAssets Professional Services consultants have an average of 10+ years of experience focused on Transportation Asset Management, Business Intelligence, AgileAssets Software Modules, Quality and Testing, & a full range of Database Support Services. They come from diverse technical disciplines including infrastructure engineering and management, fleet maintenance and management, highway and facilities maintenance, technology and software development, mathematics and optimization, civil engineering, applied transportation research, institutional development and change management.