Services: Our Client’s Success is Our #1 Goal

When you work with AgileAssets, you get our commitment to providing outstanding service for the duration of your project—and beyond. Through a wide range of services, training, and support offerings, we help you meet your organization’s long-term goals.
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Implementation Services

Whether you’re deploying, upgrading, or expanding your AgileAssets software, our project team is dedicated to your success. Our team brings decades of expertise in multiple disciplines—from business, economics, and engineering to software development, asset management, and project management. We work with you to define the project requirements and implementation plan that meets your organization’s needs and budget.

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Software Hosting & Delivery

More and more AgileAssets customers come to us for cloud-hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS) options. The SaaS model offers a range of benefits to reduce the upfront costs and time to delivery. Our SaaS solutions also provide better system security, availability, and performance compared to on-premises installations.

No matter which deployment method you choose, AgileAssets delivers working software to you in a series of short sprints, accelerating the value and benefits to your organization.

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Client Success Services

To ensure you get the highest performance from your AgileAssets solution, we provide a wide range of Client Success services.

Our Client Success Managers have specialized skills to help you:

Stay up to date

Our frequent enterprise upgrades provide new functionality, UI/UX improvements, performance enhancements, and more. We invite you to participate as we develop new software releases, so you can be assured the new version meets your evolving needs.

Expand your technical capabilities

Our Client Success team can provide ad hoc or formal training to help you use the software’s advanced features more effectively.

Optimize your system configuration

We’ll help you access our software’s strategic functions so you can get the benefit of using the system to its full potential across your entire workflow.

Align your solution to your business roadmap

Our Client Success Managers will gain a deep understanding of your business roadmap to be able to anticipate and proactively address foreseeable challenges. You can have confidence that your solution will evolve with your business goals to provide long-term value.

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Resident Client Success Managers

Resident Client Success Managers (CSMs) are AgileAssets subject matter experts who work full-time at your location to help you get maximum value from your AgileAssets solution. Going beyond our standard support offerings, each Resident CSM is dedicated exclusively to one client at a time, so their services are highly personalized. They contribute technical expertise, industry knowledge, and strategic consulting on a daily basis, according to your organizational needs.

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Training is essential to get the most value from your AgileAssets solution. We offer a variety of training options tailored to your organization.

Most new clients prefer in-person, classroom-style sessions for the initial training of system administrators and end users on-site, just prior to going live with the new software. We also offer ongoing, just-in-time training, facilitated in person or through web conferences. For continuous learning, we provide interactive webinars and on-demand videos to help users solve strategic challenges and apply best practices.

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