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Implementation Services

AgileAssets has provided consulting services focused on applying a systematic process for the complete life cycle management of infrastructure assets since it was founded in 1994. With over 20 years of experience assisting customers worldwide, AgileAssets offers broad and deep industry expertise and the ability to tailor the technology and solutions to their client’s specific business needs and objectives.

Clients can collaborate with AgileAssets on the following:

  • Define requirements and process for enterprise asset management
  • Design inventive enterprise asset management solutions to meet business goals
  • Use enterprise-wide asset management solutions to break down organizational silos and improve collaboration
  • Build a solid asset management foundation that meets needs now and helps prepare for the future

AgileAssets Professional Services consultants have an average of 10+ years of experience focused on Infrastructure Asset Management, Business Intelligence, AgileAssets Software Modules, Quality and Testing, and a range of Database Support Services. They come from diverse technical disciplines including infrastructure engineering and management, fleet maintenance and management, highway and facilities maintenance, technology and software development, mathematics and optimization, civil engineering, applied transportation research, institutional development and change management.

AgileAssets Implementation Methodology

Agile Implementation Methodology (AIM) is the procedure that AgileAssets follows during all software implementation projects. This methodology guides business and IT teams in implementing world-class enterprise infrastructure asset management solutions to support the organizations business imperatives.

Developed from the real-world experience across many asset management projects, AIM represents the collective knowledge of experienced consultants who have worked with organizations from around the world to plan, develop, deploy, and maintain successful asset management projects. The process has evolved over the years to be an efficient, scalable method which allows us to deliver a consistent, high quality service to all our clients large and small. Reflecting a wide range of system environments and user needs, AIM guides your project team through the entire project life cycle so that you avoid common pitfalls and achieve predictable, timely results. This process enables AgileAssets management and clients to quickly and accurately assess project status against the established plan.

AIM is a methodology that

  • Provides for streamlined implementation by focusing attention on the tasks to be accomplished
  • Provides a structured framework that reduces time on documentation, freeing up more time for prototyping and providing the solution
  • Uses a phased approach concentrating first on defining the configuration and development scope in more detail, and then executing this effort
  • Allows tracking of status by breaking down work into manageable chunks in Configuration and Development Master Lists

In all cases this process is modified and enhanced to suit specific client environments.

For additional information including a detailed description of our technical, project management, training, hosting and support services contact AgileAssets today.