The gold standard of software delivery throughout the technology industry, software as a service (SaaS) is a cloud-hosted, subscription-based delivery method that provides more benefits than traditional on-site deployments.

Faster to Deploy, Faster to Add Value

With a SaaS solution, your organization can go live with a new asset management system in weeks, days, or hours—not months. The more quickly you have access to your new solution, the sooner you can use it to meet your organizational goals.

Affordable & Predictable Costs

Accessible from any computer with an internet connection, SaaS lets you avoid a large upfront investment in IT infrastructure. Instead, you “pay as you go,” with a clear idea of what your monthly costs will be. This makes IT budgeting easier and more accurate. Your organization also saves on hardware maintenance and IT staffing costs.

Best Performance—Always Up to Date

SaaS delivers the best system performance and always reflects the latest software release. Your AgileAssets team maintains and updates the software regularly to ensure it continually meets your defined service levels. Upgrades are frequent and painless, causing minimal disruptions and requiring no extra software, hardware, or staffing.

Enterprise-Grade Security

System security is highest in the SaaS model. Specially trained personnel with advanced knowledge of the cloud environment are dedicated to mitigating risks and maintaining enterprise-grade security round the clock, for each user and each application.

Dynamically Scalable

Your SaaS solution can grow as your organization grows. When you add users, there’s no need to invest in server capacity and software licenses. Simply adjust your subscription.

Highly Available

With up to 99% uptime, your SaaS solution works day in and day out, month after month, with minimal disruptions to your organization’s productivity. In addition, users can access the companion mobile apps via mobile devices with or without an internet connection.

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