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Client Care

AgileAssets is committed to your success, so we offer a comprehensive set of maintenance and support services for your software implementation that help ensure maximum uptime and productivity while reducing risk.

Maintenance & Support Services

Each AgileAssets software implementation includes maintenance and support as part of your annual maintenance agreement. We also offer resident staff support to meet more rigorous maintenance and support requirements. Service plans provide both telephone and email support Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Central Time (U.S.). (For specific support contact information, please visit the AgileAssets client support portal.)

Each AgileAssets software implementation includes our Standard Maintenance & Support service as part of your annual maintenance agreement. Maintenance & Support services also include Quarterly touch-base and delivery of new software updates and service packs, not including services.

Staff Resident Consultant

Our Staff Resident Consultant service includes all the services provided with our Standard Maintenance & Support as well as an on-site Resident Consultant (RC) who provides dedicated support for the full feature-set and capabilities of your specific implementation and for related issues that may arise.

Staff Resident Consultant services include:

  • On-site partner
  • Advise on full feature-set and capabilities
  • Solve your specific infrastructure asset management software needs
  • Dedicated resource

Client Support Portal

All clients have access to the AgileAssets client support portal. The client support portal is where clients can submit tickets to our support staff. The portal also hosts self-help tools including a product knowledge base and a user community forum. To learn more, please visit the AgileAssets client support portal.

AgileAssets Users Conference

AgileAssets hosts an International Users Conference (IUC) every 18 months. IUC is a superb forum for our clients, industry luminaries and staff to meet and discuss important industry trends, exchange ideas, learn about new AgileAssets products and services and discover ways to maximize the value of their investment in AgileAssets technologies.