The Art of Having the Answer at Your Fingertips

How Disjointed is Your Asset Management Process? As an asset manager, how often are you asked questions about your network that you can’t immediately answer? How many times have you had to contact different people just for a bit of information that should be easily accessible? And how many times has that person been unavailable? […]


Montana’s Video Helps Put the Brakes on Distracted Driving

What Happens When You Take Your Eyes Off the Road? Roadway departures are a major cause of highway deaths—and distracted driving is often to blame. So AgileAssets customer Montana Department of Transportation developed a creative public awareness campaign to reduce distracted driving. Watch the video for ideas on how to spread the word about road […]

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Transportation Safety: Meeting the Challenge with Modern Safety Management Systems

Maintaining a safe road network requires increasingly complex analytical skills and regulatory compliance. Safety analysts, engineers, and asset managers can benefit from using an advanced safety management system (SMS) to design and implement effective strategies. Read this paper to learn how a SMS helps you: Identify roadway risk factors and patterns Make better engineering decisions […]


How Data Analysis Advances Transportation Asset Management

Integrated datasets offer vast opportunities to use analytics to get more value from road transportation assets. ERPUG 2018 Highlights Data Use In recent years, data handling and storage has become increasingly efficient, challenging transportation asset managers to work with bigger datasets and perform more advanced analysis. So it’s no wonder that topics related to data […]

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Advanced Asset Management Systems in a Large Scale European PPP Project

Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) are becoming increasingly attractive vehicles to support the management of complex infrastructure projects. Advanced asset management systems enhances PPP effectiveness by improving decisions and business performance as well as minimizing risks. Read this study to learn: How PPP models work How you can better manage PPP contracts Which new technologies can streamline your […]

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AgileAssets Infrastructure Asset Management Success Stories: Cities and Counties

Cities and counties face unique challenges when managing their local road networks. But four outstanding local agencies are improving their performance while saving millions of dollars. Read this paper to learn how: Carroll County, MD reduced pavement repair costs by $71 million Pinellas County, FL saved $12 million while improving internal processes and services The […]

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Best Practices – Video Series Part 8

AgileAssets Presents Client Experiences, Best Practices, and Case Studies In this eighth collection of session recordings from our 2016 International Users Conference, you will get insight, tips and tricks from the experts! We have selected four recorded sessions that present best practice case studies when using AgileAssets software for your asset management purposes. In the first video, Matthew […]


Using Safety Management Software for Safety Management – Video Series Part 6

In this sixth collection of session recordings from our 2016 International Users Conference, you will find excellent examples of using safety management software presented by AgileAssets and Montana DOT. AgileAssets Presents Client Experiences, Best Practices, and Case Studies The IUC videos showcase the wide spectrum of uses for enterprise asset management software solutions and the value […]