The Art of Having the Answer at Your Fingertips

How Disjointed is Your Asset Management Process? As an asset manager, how often are you asked questions about your network that you can’t immediately answer? How many times have you had to contact different people just for a bit of information that should be easily accessible? And how many times has that person been unavailable? […]

White Papers

Modern Bridge Management Systems: How They Can Benefit Your Agency

Today’s bridge management systems (BMSs) are transforming how transportation leaders inspect and manage a wide range of bridge structures. But many agencies are not using their BMS to the fullest. With the advanced analytics of a contemporary BMS, transportation leaders can improve bridge asset performance and get more value from their structures.   Read this […]


How Data Analysis Advances Transportation Asset Management

Integrated datasets offer vast opportunities to use analytics to get more value from road transportation assets. ERPUG 2018 Highlights Data Use In recent years, data handling and storage has become increasingly efficient, challenging transportation asset managers to work with bigger datasets and perform more advanced analysis. So it’s no wonder that topics related to data […]


AgileAssets – Save Money, Save Time, Save Lives

This AgileAssets video highlights the importance of proper asset management of our infrastructure, and the role modern asset management software plays in producing optimal strategies that save taxpayers’ money, agency time, and people’s lives.


Bridge Asset Management in 7 Easy Steps

Here is some helpful information and knowledge about Bridge Asset Management through seven features, ranging from MAP 21 issues to case studies, webinars, and product brochures, providing insight, methods, and cases to help you raise your Bridge Asset Management to the next level. Featured Content MAP 21 & Bridge Management  – video from our International Users Conference. […]


City of Austin Launches New Pavement Management System

The City of Austin Public Works Department has another reason to celebrate this month – July 12th was the day their new Pavement Management System (PMS) went live after a year of hard work. Based on AgileAssets® Pavement Analyst™ software, this new system is a major milestone as the new PMS helps the city better […]


TXDOT Pavement Management System Goes Live

In the early 1970’s, TxDOT (Texas Department of Transportation) became one of the first states to implement a Pavement Management System (PMS). At that time, it was state-of-the-art in managing pavements. The system was dubbed Pavement Management Information System (PMIS). The plan was to provide administrators and district engineers with the information they needed to […]


What is a Transportation Asset Management System and Why Do You Need It?

What exactly is Asset Management System?  Many definitions have been offered over the years.  In 1994 Hudson et al* state that Asset Management or Infrastructure Management, depending on how it is termed, is “the process of integrating design, construction, maintenance, rehabilitation, and renovation to maximize benefits to the user and minimize total costs to the […]


M25 motorway and AgileAssets Enterprise Asset Management System

David Simpson has worked on the 30 year M25 DBFO (Design, Build, Finance, Operate) contract with Highways England since mobilisation in 2009. Below, he explains the idea behind acquiring the AgileAssets enterprise asset management system for managing the assets of the M25 motorway and the aspirations of Connect Plus and Connect Plus Services for integrating […]