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PavExpert Joins AgileAssets Partner Program

Global engineering firm helps transportation organizations apply data-driven strategies to improve infrastructure investments. Austin, Texas & Lyon, France – May 17, 2021 PavExpert, a global transportation engineering consulting firm, is now established as a Market Partner in AgileAssets’ global Partner Program. By joining the program, PavExpert now has the capabilities to introduce advanced asset management […]


Integrate Your Asset Management Systems for Better Decision-Making

Disjointed Processes? Consolidate Your Data and Automate Your Reports As an asset manager, how often are you asked questions about your network that you can’t immediately answer? How many times have you had to contact different people just for a bit of information that should be easily accessible? And how many times has that person […]


How Data Analysis Advances Transportation Asset Management

Integrated datasets offer vast opportunities to use analytics to get more value from road transportation assets. ERPUG 2018 Highlights Data Use In recent years, data handling and storage has become increasingly efficient, challenging transportation asset managers to work with bigger datasets and perform more advanced analysis. So it’s no wonder that topics related to data […]

White Papers

Advanced Asset Management Systems in a Large Scale European PPP Project

Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) are becoming increasingly attractive vehicles to support the management of complex infrastructure projects. Advanced asset management systems enhances PPP effectiveness by improving decisions and business performance as well as minimizing risks. Read this study to learn: How PPP models work How you can better manage PPP contracts Which new technologies can streamline your […]


Asset Management in EMEA

How Asset Management Software Solutions can help Infrastructure Operators in Europe, the Middle East and Africa reach their strategic goals. Featuring on the International Road Federation webpage, a new Editorial Opinion from AgileAssets contemplates how Asset Management Software can help Infrastructure Managers bridge the gap between societal and political goals on the one hand and […]


Learning About European Data Collection and Transportation Asset Management

October 19-20th, James Robertson and Mikkel Bruun, AgileAssets, will be at the European Road Profilers User Group, ERPUG, meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark. Around 20, primarily European countries, will be represented by national road agencies, private companies, research entities and suppliers to the transportation asset management industry. Now in it’s fifth year, the ERPUG, founded by Swedish […]


WCPAM – Optimization in European Transportation Asset Management and Pavement Management

Next week, AgileAssets will be at the WCPAM2017 Conference in Italy, presenting two papers and exhibiting together with more than 300 international professionals from the area of Transportation Asset Management and Pavement Management and Preservation. WCPAM – or World Conference on Pavements and Asset Management is a joint venture conference between The European Pavement and […]