Connect Plus Services Receives Honorable Mention for Asset Management System

AgileAssets client, Connect Plus Services, recently received an Honourable Mention for its asset management system (AMS-IT) at the AgileAssets International Users Conference (IUC) in Austin, Texas. Here, Brian Johns, Managing Director at Connect Plus Services, explains a bit about Excellence in Infrastructure Asset Management. What if? With thousands of assets (roads, bridges, signs, culverts, etc.) […]


Risk Management and Target Setting at the 11th National Conference on Transportation Asset Management

Taking place once every two years, the National Transportation Asset Management Conference is one of the most focused events in the field of Transportation Asset Management (TAM). It is organized by the Transportation Research Board and supported by the Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration. This year’s conference was hosted by Minnesota Department of Transportation […]

LRS Gateway Hero

What is linear referencing?

What is linear referencing and Linear Referencing Systems (LRS)?  Simply put, it is keeping track of where “stuff” is by tracking where it shows up along a linear network. For instance, a traffic sign may be known to exist at a point 45.3 miles from the start of Highway 101.  For transportation agencies that track hundreds […]