Podcast: Benefits of Hot Mix Asphalt

The transportation industry continuously looks for ways to make roads smoother, quieter, and more sustainable. Harold Mullen, from the Texas Asphalt Pavement Association, explains how Hot Mix Asphalt is a versatile solution for making roads safe, comfortable, and eco-friendly.


Demo: AgileAssets® Pavement Analyst™

Optimize your pavement network using advanced analytics. Preserving your pavement assets can help you save 80% of the cost of major repairs. See how AgileAssets® Pavement Analyst™ uses advanced analytics to help you save money while improving pavement network safety, longevity, and performance.  


Podcast: Pavement Preservation & Chip Seals

Pavement preservation is a successful strategy for improving road network performance and longevity. Cindy Estahkri from the Texas A and M Transportation Institute joins the podcast to talk about the many benefits of preserving your pavement assets.


Webinar: Improve Urban Pavement Roughness Measures to Meet Customer Expectations

Learn how City of Austin uses data to help deliver smoother streets. Ed Poppitt, P.E., PWLF, a 34-year veteran of the City of Austin, Texas, explains how better data drives better decisions, improves maintenance outcomes, and helps the agency meet customer expectations for riding comfort on local streets. Key Takeaways Why city and county streets […]


Podcast: Pavement Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, and Recycling

Successful pavement management means the right treatment at the right time and place. In this episode, Tom Scullion, P.E., Head of the Flexible Pavement Program at Texas A&M University’s Transportation Institute, explains what to consider when managing major pavement interventions.


Podcast: Using Pavement Data: From Collection to Decision-Making

More data is available today than ever before—but are agencies putting it to good use? Pavement data expert Chris Newson explores how agencies can more effectively gather, interpret, and apply their pavement management data for better outcomes.


Pavement Management for Cities and Counties: 4 Key Steps

Smaller road networks can benefit from proactive strategies. For years, state and national transportation agencies have used modern pavement management practices to manage their roads and meet legislative requirements for performance standards. However, smaller agencies—such as cities and counties—have not had to meet those same requirements. As a result, cities, and counties have generally been […]


How Agencies Use AgileAssets Solutions

Agencies across the world use AgileAssets solutions to help save time, save money, and save lives. Here’s how Montana, Wyoming, and Texas state DOTs use their AgileAssets solutions.

Optimization Ebook Cover

How Optimization Works in Transportation Asset Management

Get More From Your Infrastructure Budget Allocating funds is a challenge when your budget won’t cover all the work to be done. However, through optimization, you can make better funding decisions and get a higher return on your infrastructure investments. Using simple illustrations, our ebook shows how optimization works to give you the most value […]

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