Ask the Expert: Infrastructure Maintenance for State & Local Governments

From school districts to statewide road networks, a preservation-based approach pays off.   In this Ask the Expert video, maintenance expert Britt McCurry, PE, shares how government agencies are taking proactive steps to make their transportation infrastructure safer, more cost-effective, and more sustainable.


Autonomous Vehicles & Their Impact on the Infrastructure Network

Driverless vehicles may help improve transportation efficiency. Today’s vehicles come with many types of driver-assist technology, but will the vehicles of the future be completely driverless? Steve Karamihas, PhD, from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, explores the current and future state of autonomous vehicles.  


Creating Sustainable Power Through Pavement Energy Harvesting

Meeting the world’s energy needs is a challenge our transportation infrastructure can help solve. Solar panels on rooftops are a familiar sight. But solar panels in roadways? Samer Dessouky, PhD, PE, from the University of Texas, San Antonio, sheds light on the innovative technology that enables pavement infrastructure to generate renewable power.  


Improving Infrastructure Sustainability Using Pavement Life Cycle Assessment

Delivering a sustainable transportation network requires strategic innovations in infrastructure asset management. Professor John Harvey from the University of California, Davis, says adopting a pavement life cycle assessment process can help transportation agencies provide safer, more affordable, and longer-lasting road networks.


Better Insights Through Accelerated Pavement Testing

To evaluate pavement performance under specific conditions, transportation agencies must go beyond traditional testing methods. Bouzid Choubane, PhD, PE explains how to generate better insights into pavement materials, technologies, and design methods using Accelerated Pavement Testing.


For Cities & Counties: 4 Steps to Better Pavement Management

A preservation-based strategy saves money while improving safety and performance. In a modern approach to asset management, local governments focus on preserving their entire pavement network, not just fixing a few crumbling roads. By taking four key steps, pavement managers can deliver long-term safety and performance benefits with limited pavement funds. Download Infographic


Balanced Mix Design for Asphalt Pavements

To improve the performance and sustainability of asphalt pavements, start with the right mix of construction materials. Amy Epps Martin, PhD, PE, FASCE, from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, explains the challenges and benefits of finding the right mix design.

Company News

South Carolina DOT Selects AgileAssets to Provide Integrated Solution

Multi-module solution will improve planning and maintenance of the fourth-largest state-managed road network in the U.S.   Austin, TX – September 15, 2021 –  South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) has selected AgileAssets to implement a fully integrated transportation asset management solution to help improve the safety and quality of the state’s road network. The […]


Performance-Related Specifications

Performance-related specifications (PRS) can help transportation agencies improve their infrastructure systems. Nasir Gharaibeh, PhD, PE, from Texas A&M University, explains the difference PRS makes for future performance.

PMS-MMS Infographic

7 Benefits of an Integrated PMS and MMS

Higher performance and efficiency come from having a single source of reliable data. Even though most transportation agencies keep their pavement management system (PMS) and maintenance management system (MMS) separate by default, many functions work better when the two systems are integrated. Our infographic, 7 Reasons to Integrate Your Pavement and Maintenance Management Systems, shows […]