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Demo: AgileAssets® Pavement Express™

A ready-to-use pavement management system for local governments. Preserving your pavement assets can help you save 80% of the cost of major repairs. See how AgileAssets® Pavement Express™ uses advanced analytics to help you save money while improving the safety, longevity, and performance of streets and sidewalks in your city or county.  

News Releases

AgileAssets Launches Pavement Express™ for Local Governments

Using embedded GIS maps and advanced analytics, local governments can deliver safer, longer-lasting pavement networks.   Austin, Texas – March 23, 2021 AgileAssets, a leading global provider of transportation asset lifecycle management software solutions, has launched Pavement Express, an out-of-the-box enterprise software solution designed specifically for cities and counties. Based on the company’s industry-leading Pavement […]


Diamond Grinding for Pavement Preservation

For longer-lasting concrete and asphalt pavement surfaces, try this gem of a technique. Larry Scofield from the International Grooving and Grinding Association joins the podcast to explain the benefits and the future of diamond grinding. Featuring best practices from 


Pavement Performance Models

Creating performance models is one step in an effective strategy to improve pavement performance. Dr. Jorge Prozzi from the University of Texas at Austin joins the podcast to discuss important considerations for developing and applying performance models.


Pavement Friction Management

Friction management is a critical component of a safe road network. Brian Schleppi from the Ohio Department of Transportation joins the podcast to discuss how a successful friction management program can improve road safety.


Developing a 4-Year Work Plan

Developing a 4-year work plan is one of the best ways agencies can improve their pavement management process. Pavement expert Magdy Mikhail once again joins the podcast to explore the best strategies for putting together those plans.

Case Studies

Texas DOT: Improved Pavement Planning & Maintenance Operations

As one of the largest transportation agencies in the United States, Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) manages the nation’s largest state-owned road network: 200,000 lane miles of roadways supporting more than 500,000,000 daily vehicle miles traveled across 254 counties.     In 2011, TxDOT began using AgileAssets® Maintenance Manager™ as its maintenance management system of […]

PMS-MMS Ebook Cover

7 Reasons to Integrate Your Pavement & Maintenance Management Systems

Streamline workflows and improve decision-making. With an integrated pavement and maintenance solution, your teams can share data and simplify workflows for improved decision-making, efficiency, and outcomes. Our ebook shows you how integrating your PMS and MMS helps you save time, money, and lives.  


Benefits of Hot Mix Asphalt

The transportation industry continuously looks for ways to make roads smoother, quieter, and more sustainable. Harold Mullen, from the Texas Asphalt Pavement Association, explains how Hot Mix Asphalt is a versatile solution for making roads safe, comfortable, and eco-friendly.


Demo: AgileAssets® Pavement Analyst™

Optimize your pavement network using advanced analytics. Preserving your pavement assets can help you save 80% of the cost of major repairs. See how AgileAssets® Pavement Analyst™ uses advanced analytics to help you save money while improving pavement network safety, longevity, and performance.