New Book – For All You Need to Know About Pavement Management Systems

You probably work in pavement management or some form of asset management or you wouldn’t be looking at this blog.  You may have gotten into pavement management in any number of ways but you probably only know part of the pavement management story.  If you are at the point in your pavement management career when […]


A New Pavement Management System for Texas Department of Transportation

In September 2014, Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) entered a new era of Pavement Asset Management by contracting with AgileAssets for a new Pavement Management System (PMS).  The new PMS, based on the AgileAssets® Pavement Analyst™ module, augments TxDOT’s current asset management suite that includes previously implemented AgileAssets Maintenance Manager™ and Facilities Manager™ modules.  With […]


A History of Pavement Management Conferences

Pavement management was born in the 1967-70 time-frame (1).  It was the first of what are now many asset management systems implemented in state DOTs.  Followed in 1987 by Bridge Management Systems (2) developed by Hudson, Carmichael, and Hudson.  Pavement management was well enough recognized by 1980 that the Transportation Research Board (TRB), the world’s […]


The Birth of Pavement Management

It is important to understand the history of pavement management in order to educate and elevate the process of pavement management. Let’s review how pavement management systems came into being. In 1965, the National Cooperative Highway Research Program issued the best Request for Proposals I have ever responded to.  It basically said something like this: […]


New Optimization Methods for Pavement Data

I recently had the opportunity to give a presentation on New Optimization Methods for Pavement Data at the European Road Profile Users’ Group (ERPUG) meeting in Brussels, Belgium. I talked about integrated asset management and about how this can assist in communicating economic and engineering needs to decision makers in order to ensure funds and […]


Pavement Management, an Important Validation of the Pavement Performance Concept

It has long been espoused that spending $1 at the right time on pavement preservation can save $4 or more in future maintenance or rehabilitation on that same pavement section.  Transportation Commissioner Mike Sheflin from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada was one of the first professionals to show data from his pavement management system (PMS) that supports […]

White Papers

Nine Key Considerations When Selecting a Pavement Management System

A pavement management system (PMS) is a critical long-term investment. Before selecting a new system, make sure you know which features and functions can help you best meet your agency’s goals. Read this paper to learn about these 9 key criteria: Performance Models Optimization Accessibility and Benefits Across Your Agency System Integration and Implementation Simple, […]


Using Asset Management to Solve Special Problems in Highway Agencies

State DOTs are often faced with special problems on their highway networks.  One such problem is the effect of extremely heavy traffic loads concentrated in small areas of unusual business activity.  A current example is the heavy oil and gas drilling and production activity in the shale areas across the United States, created by a […]


Are Pavement Management Systems Really Cost-Effective?

Much is said about Pavement Management Systems (PMS) helping to do a better job of managing pavement networks.  People intuitively think that better information or data, properly analyzed, produces better answers.  Now however we have measurable, calculable benefits and the comparable cost of setting up and operating a PMS system, which can be used to calculate benefit […]