Ask the Expert: Securing Infrastructure Funds for Local Governments

A well-designed infrastructure funding strategy is critical for public agencies to meet community needs.   In this Ask the Expert video, funding expert Amanda Whitaker explains the steps necessary to develop an infrastructure funding plan that maximizes the cost savings for the public.  


Cement in a Changing Environment

Cement is a valuable resource for the world’s infrastructure, yet it leaves a large carbon footprint. Rich Rogers from the Cement Council of Texas joins the podcast to talk about the importance of cement for the transportation industry and how cement use is evolving to meet global environmental conditions.


Asset Management in EMEA

How Asset Management Software Solutions can help Infrastructure Operators in Europe, the Middle East and Africa reach their strategic goals. Featuring on the International Road Federation webpage, a new Editorial Opinion from AgileAssets contemplates how Asset Management Software can help Infrastructure Managers bridge the gap between societal and political goals on the one hand and […]


How Asset Management Software Can Protect our Rural and Urban Road Systems

Historical highway funding levels have been inadequate for maintaining the various state department of transportation road networks. Even though Congress recently passed new transportation funding legislation in the FAST Act, it does little to address the historical maintenance backlog that has accumulated over the years. Transportation departments need effective asset management software to maintain and protect rural […]


Transportation Research Board – a Short History from An Insider

Most people know that TRB stands for Transportation Research Board, a unit of the National Academy of Sciences/National Academy of Engineering. While a United States-based agency, it has become the premiere location for technical information exchange and publication about transportation around the world. TRB was founded about 90 years ago as the Highway Research Board […]


MAP-21 – Comments to FHWA on Proposed Rulemaking

MAP-21 identifies national transportation goals and requires the FHWA to promulgate rules to establish performance measures in specified Federal-aid highway program areas. The proposed rule (National Performance Management Measures; Assessing Pavement Condition for the National Highway Performance Program and Bridge Condition for the National Highway Performance Program) published January 5, 2015, was opened for industry […]


Public Private Partnerships in Infrastructure Asset Management – A European Perspective

Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) is a joint effort that entails schools, hospitals and other infrastructure being built and managed to the mutual benefit of investors, stakeholders, private companies and end users. In Europe, especially in the UK and in France, PPP has proven valuable to procure and handle big, complex assets, including highways and bridges. This […]