Disaster Recovery Brings Challenges – Transportation Asset Management Systems Can Help

Hurricanes and earthquakes cause horrendous damage to life, property, and physical community assets like roads, bridges, signs, and signals in our transportation system. Most of us can remember the trauma of hurricanes IKE and KATRINA but many have forgotten CARLA and CELIA that devastated the United States 3-4 decades ago. We are now faced with […]

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Nine Key Considerations When Selecting a Pavement Management System

A pavement management system (PMS) is a critical long-term investment. Before selecting a new system, make sure you know which features and functions can help you best meet your agency’s goals. Read this paper to learn about these 9 key criteria: Performance Models Optimization Accessibility and Benefits Across Your Agency System Integration and Implementation Simple, […]


Identifying and Managing Risk in Your Infrastructure Budget

  Over the past few years almost everyone responsible for the management of public infrastructure has gotten used to the idea of considering risk and risk management as part of their budget allocation process. Risk and its management was certainly a consideration in the years when I worked in the public sector, so I wanted […]