Podcast: Signs, Signals, and Sustainability

Sustainability, mobility, and affordability. These are some of the issues that keep transportation leaders up at night. Traffic Operations Engineer Andy Kading tells how the City of Eugene, Oregon, is building a sustainable future, one traffic light at a time.


How Sign Management Improves Safety—and Business Processes

Heeding the Signs If you take the same commute to work every day—or drive any familiar route to a frequent destination—you may tend to overlook the road signs that guide your way. But ignore them at your peril: Data from the Insurance Information Institute suggests that failure to obey signs (and to consistently follow the […]


Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Manages 30,000+ Signs with AgileAssets® Sign Manager™

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) recently launched AgileAssets Sign Manager to improve the asset management of more than 30,000 signs on more than 600 centerline miles of highway. The new system will help PTC improve safety and traffic flow on turnpikes and toll roads by ensuring that the latest and best information is always available on the […]


PTC Selects AgileAssets Enterprise Asset Management System to Better Manage Pavements and Signs

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) has licensed a new enterprise asset management system for their 600 miles of managed highways and 15,000 signs. The new system, based on AgileAssets infrastructure asset management solution, is expected to further improve safety, reliability and mobility, as well as optimize the operations and maintenance of the Interstates 76 and 276 […]


Advanced Software Enables More Effective and Efficient Traffic Sign Inventory Management

Among the many complex infrastructure assets that public agencies are tasked with managing, few are as challenging as traffic signs. The sheer number of signs in many programs makes the efficient tracking of sign location and the accurate assessment and management of individual sign condition difficult. For example, medium sized to large city agencies are […]

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