Pavement Management Software for Infrastructure Asset Management: Video Series, Part 4

In this fourth collection of session recordings from our 2016 International Users Conference, you will find excellent examples of using pavement management software from two of our client DOTs; Texas Department of Transportation and New York State Department of Transportation. AgileAssets Presents Client Experiences, Best Practices, and Case Studies The IUC videos showcase the wide spectrum […]


ArcGIS Additions in AgileAssets Transportation Asset Management Software Version 7.2

AgileAssets has rolled out Version 7.2 of our transportation asset management software as announced in a previous blog post. One of the major improvements, introduced in the new version is the addition of ArcGIS Enterprise as a functioning asset management tool. ArcGIS Enterprise is a powerful application available from ESRI which encompasses a series of tools […]


New Help Resource Portal for AgileAssets Users

At the 2016 AgileAssets International Users Conference (IUC) in September, we announced, a new web portal that allows users to search and access the AgileAssets Product Documentation library without requiring a login to the system. The documentation portal currently has How-To information for many modules such as Maintenance Manager, Reports, Resources Module, and Pavement […]


The 40-Year Evolution of Pavement Management Systems

Pavement management was conceived in late 1960 by Pister, Finn, Haas, Hudson, and Scrivener, et al. It was initiated in 1970-1975 when Arizona, Kansas, Washington, and Texas developed simple Pavement Management Systems (PMS) that worked on mainframe computers, like IBM 650 and early CDC systems. There were four main problems with the development and growth […]


Risk Management and Target Setting at the 11th National Conference on Transportation Asset Management

Taking place once every two years, the National Transportation Asset Management Conference is one of the most focused events in the field of Transportation Asset Management (TAM). It is organized by the Transportation Research Board and supported by the Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration. This year’s conference was hosted by Minnesota Department of Transportation […]


What is a Transportation Asset Management System and Why Do You Need It?

What exactly is Asset Management System?  Many definitions have been offered over the years.  In 1994 Hudson et al* state that Asset Management or Infrastructure Management, depending on how it is termed, is “the process of integrating design, construction, maintenance, rehabilitation, and renovation to maximize benefits to the user and minimize total costs to the […]


M25 motorway and AgileAssets Enterprise Asset Management System

David Simpson has worked on the 30 year M25 DBFO (Design, Build, Finance, Operate) contract with Highways England since mobilisation in 2009. Below, he explains the idea behind acquiring the AgileAssets enterprise asset management system for managing the assets of the M25 motorway and the aspirations of Connect Plus and Connect Plus Services for integrating […]


AgileAssets Turnkey Hosting & Technical Services Overview

This webinar provides an overview of AgileAssets Turnkey Hosting & Technical Services. Learn how these services can help your agency reduce capital expenditures and operating expenses while providing a quicker time-to-value for your AgileAssets investment. Discover how these AgileAssets services can help you: Identify ways to improve the deployment of the solution Improve and tune […]


Addressing PPP Asset Management in Europe and Central Asia

This week, the 15-18th of September, AgileAssets is present at the International Road Federations first combined European and Central Asian Congress. Bringing together some 20 Road Agencies and participants from more than 40 countries, the Congress is focused on professional sharing of knowledge on subjects as Private Public Partnerships, climate challenges and new technology to […]


AgileAssets and Customers Collaborating to Improve User Experience

AgileAssets continues to grow User Experience (UX) and User-Centered Design in our organization. We’re looking for help from you, our customers, to make that effort a success and to further expand on our ability to provide exceptional customer service. User-centered design is an approach to creating products and services that involves users in defining, evaluating, […]

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