Improve Roadway Safety Using Data Visualization and Analytics

Advanced analytical tools have transformed safety management programs by providing a systematic way to identify crash locations, evaluate countermeasures, and assess economic impacts. These tools can also let decision-makers drill down to see crash patterns and distributions using advanced data visualization techniques. Based on the case study results from a successful state DOT, this session […]

Press Releases

Indonesia Selects AgileAssets Software for National Transportation Network

Public Works Ministry will improve data-driven decision-making through enterprise asset management London, England – March 13, 2018 –  Indonesia’s Directorate General of Highways—called Direktorat Jenderal Bina Marga, or “Bina Marga”—has chosen to implement AgileAssets® enterprise software to improve the country’s pavement, bridge, and safety management programmes. AgileAssets will provide the development and maintenance of the […]


ArcGIS Additions in AgileAssets Transportation Asset Management Software Version 7.2

AgileAssets has rolled out Version 7.2 of our transportation asset management software as announced in a previous blog post. One of the major improvements, introduced in the new version is the addition of ArcGIS Enterprise as a functioning asset management tool. ArcGIS Enterprise is a powerful application available from ESRI which encompasses a series of tools […]


AgileAssets Summit – Data Visualization and Analysis of Transportation Asset Management System Datasets

AgileAssets officially rolled out AgileAssets® Summit™ at the International Users Conference late last year.  This new system enables Department of Transportation executives and authorized stakeholders, such as legislators and funding agencies, to easily view analysis data without having to understand the complexities of the transportation asset management system and all its analytical details and operating methods. […]


AgileAssets® Summit™ – Product Showcase Series

Transportation agencies work with billions of infrastructure asset data points, and the volume and complexity of this data makes it difficult to get a comprehensive overview. The new AgileAssets(r) Summit(tm) solution allows asset managers, agency leaders and nontechnical stakeholders to visually explore, analyze and extract actionable information from large infrastructure asset data sets. This webinar, […]


The 40-Year Evolution of Pavement Management Systems

Pavement management was conceived in late 1960 by Pister, Finn, Haas, Hudson, and Scrivener, et al. It was initiated in 1970-1975 when Arizona, Kansas, Washington, and Texas developed simple Pavement Management Systems (PMS) that worked on mainframe computers, like IBM 650 and early CDC systems. There were four main problems with the development and growth […]


Good Safety Data is Essential to a Successful Traffic Safety Management Plan

The Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Office of Safety publishes a newsletter three times a year called, the Safety Compass Newsletter. The recent spring issue, 2016, describes a number of important traffic safety management plan issues. Good data is the most critical element needed to understand and improve traffic safety management. For many years, safety data […]