Some of the Questions Asked

Raleigh’s Early Asset Management Challenges

  • What main problems was the City trying to solve?
  • Why was it important for Raleigh to modernize its practices?

Educating Local Leaders

  • How did you educate city leaders on the need to invest in an asset management system?
  • What data did you bring to the City Council to justify your proposed innovations?

Asset Management System Implementation

  • What was the implementation process and strategy?
  • What goals did you set for the new asset management system?
  • What challenges did you face during the implementation process?

Pavement, Bridge, and Sidewalk Management

  • What is your pavement management strategy & key metrics?
  • What is your bridge management strategy?
  • What is your sidewalk and ramp management strategy?
  • What benefits have you seen from your asset management system?


  • What advice would you give to other local governments?


"A 3-point decline in the condition of Raleigh’s pavement network represents about a $25M loss. If we can reduce the decline from 2.5 points a year to 1.5 points a year, that one point represents about $8M-$9M in cost savings. Using advanced analytics, Raleigh is able to make better decisions for how to spend the available funds."

Chris McGee, PE
Former Assistant Transportation Director, City of Raleigh

Chris McGee Headshot

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