AgileAssets clients find innovative ways to meet COVID-related challenges.

From keeping employees safe to implementing system upgrades and accelerating asset maintenance projects, transportation agencies are demonstrating agility during a global public health crisis.

In this Ask the Expert video interview, AgileAssets CEO Stuart Hudson, PE, shares agency strategies for ensuring business continuity and long-term success despite economic and workforce disruptions.

Hear about successes by the following AgileAssets clients and more.

Some of the Questions Asked

Impact of COVID on Workforce Management

  • How is the COVID crisis affecting the transportation industry?
  • What are some ways agencies are working to ensure staff safety?
  • How does virtual training work?

Using Technology in a Crisis

  • How are agencies using technology to address pandemic-related challenges?
  • What role do mobile applications play?
  • What role does SaaS play?

Asset Management Strategies During a Pandemic

  • How are agencies coping with decreased budgets?
  • How are agencies taking advantage of lower traffic levels?
  • What advice would you give to agencies to get through the pandemic successfully?


"The pandemic will pass, and if you stay the course and apply the proven principles of asset lifecycle management across your network, you'll be able to maintain as much of your infrastructure as possible in good repair for when we come out on the other side."

Stuart Hudson, PE
AgileAssets CEO

Stuart Hudson Headshot

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