Significant advances in Bridge Management System (BMS) software now provides the tools to simplify the complex task of managing large bridge networks, while maximizing budgets and enabling agencies to meet or exceed level of service goals and federal reporting requirements.

This webinar provides an overview of modern BMS software, in the form of AgileAssets® Bridge Analyst™ product, and how this software enables bridge managers and engineers to systematically analyze bridge data to make more informed decisions.

From this webinar, you’ll learn how AgileAssets software solution enables bridge managers and engineers to:

  • Manage the complete life cycle of bridge structures from capital project planning to replacement, to achieving the highest possible ROI on their bridge infrastructure investments
  • Optimize bridge structure preservation and maintenance strategies with advanced deterioration modeling that predicts future performance at different funding levels or other constraints
  • Assess the impact of and meet requirements from the FHWA, such as the FAST Act and MAP-21




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