Driver distraction is a specific type of driver inattention that can happen due to a driver being engaged in activities like cell phone calls, texting, and other activities such as adjusting radio channels/DVD player, using navigation devices, distraction by passengers or external stimuli, etc. Approximately 10% of all fatal crashes and 18% of injury crashes in the US were reported to be distraction-related crashes in 2013.

This presentation:

  1. Outlines an analytical framework implemented by Montana Department of Transportation that can be used to identify the problem areas and associated risk factors associated with distracted driving.
  2. Highlights data visualization techniques that can help identify the targeted areas, and the appropriate safety programs that law enforcement agencies can follow.
  3. Discusses how the analytical framework can aid in distributing funding or safety grants to participating agencies. The framework can be followed by other states that have similar education or enforcement activities.



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