Advanced analytical tools have transformed safety management programs by providing a systematic way to identify crash locations, evaluate countermeasures, and assess economic impacts. These tools can also let decision-makers drill down to see crash patterns and distributions using advanced data visualization techniques.

Based on the case study results from a successful state DOT, this session shows how agencies can identify crash risk factors and develop mitigation strategies that improve roadway safety and save lives.

In this session, you will:

  • Learn how advanced analytics can help you determine crash risk factors and prevention measures
  • See how crash risk data can be visualized based on specific locations, times of day, road conditions, and driver demographics
  • Discover how an award-winning state DOT has dramatically improved its road safety using these analytic tools—and see how you can do the same for your agency

Presented by: Shafiul Azam, Ph.D., PE, Senior Product Owner, AgileAssets

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